Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Last day

Tomorrow see's the end of my role within the NHS' Commissioning and Contracts department and how glad I am. The NHS is disgustingly bureaucratic and everything that happens is documented in some form of innane spreadsheet. Total waste of money and time. Less bitterness anyway..

Tonight saw a pretty mediocre dispensary session. Felt pretty good warming up then after necking a Red Bull, felt bullshit. Moved homewards halfway through for campus session which felt far more productive. Watched Liverpool put in a satisfactory performance, then to bed.

Rotherham Chickboys felt literally undoable tonight despite the board yielding relatively non-damp, cool conditions. That place is more conditions dependant than the bloody Tor!

Weights Thursday although may revamp the campus routine to do some much needed eccentric work.

Sent two awesome 7bs at crag y on saturday and added some new lines on sunday with Mickael including a hideous quarter pocket mono/thin gaston big move type dealio. Seriously decent weekend all in all.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

half way!!

After setting myself the innane task of doing a one armer and not really feeling any progress to speak of, it started to happen on sunday. At the end of an intense weekend's bouldering I jokingly tried to crank one on a jug at Frodsham only to get half way through from long arm (definitely NOT flicked). Quite sure this was a culmination of a relatively high volume of climbing recently coupled with the inclusion of campus board workouts at home. Either way, it was pretty satisfying.

Saturday was an awesome day out with Mike, Tom, Rich, Ben et al for O's birthday. Everyone came home happy and Kimo's saw half their food supplies depleted by one Richard Hession - Fat Bastard supremo.