Thursday, 29 November 2007

I'm going to start putting up more images and video. Will write something later, but in the meantime, enjoy this foolish image of yourself Crouch.

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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Good vibes

Feeling really good about my climbing for the first time in ages. Finally all those long days spent at the crags and on the board feel like they're heading towards the realisation of some long term goals. Despite the general state of injury and illness over the last few months, I've managed to surmount that niggling plateau I was sitting on for much of the summer.

MUST DO's: Rock Attrocity, The Malteser, Fallen Idol and I'd love to do The Fool (admittedly 7c+ but probably more like 7c I'm told and should suit me down to the ground.) Also should get back to the pass and send Sleep Light. If I can suss some crimp beta and/or get my heel in that damn slot, Bus Stop would also be a good send.

Report back after saturday....

Monday, 19 November 2007

Iced crush

Saturday went to crag y with the usual suspects. Fallen Idol has finally opened up as a realistic prospect. Had an awesome session on it and had my hand round the back of the slopey jug several times. Don't want to dwell on Tight Hole but I've now done it from standing and can easily crush it next time out.

In conclusion and it'll have to be quick...

Feeling much lighter, stronger and psyched.

Sunday, 11 November 2007


Isn't it amazing what a little fever can do for you. 3 days in bed = overall weight loss. Woke up this morning after sleeping it off and feel totally back to normal. Walked up to the fingerboard and one arm deadhanged a small pocket. This sounds completely unexciting but for me, it came as a total shock. Pretty sure if I had the mandatory jug to hand I could one arm right now - damn! Guess I'll have to get ill more often...

The A2 injury's slowly getting better but I reckon its still around 3-4 weeks before getting back to full crimp. I'm fine with it I think as I totally need to do more weights. That and running. I can put up with no to little climbing for 3-4 weeks sure....

Monday, 5 November 2007

mr inconsistency

Took it easy on friday night expecting to cave it on saturday. Due to wack conditions, the D master decided (wisely) we should hold out til sunday. Ended up in the cave dogging rock attrocity again and felt pretty shit on it although I did manage to get some beta for the finish which when I can crimp shouldn't be a problem. Holding out for the a2 to completely recover before boning good style.

Had a pretty inconsistent time on the box managing to do the cross-through on the malteser without any worries yet for the life of me couldn't do the first move on whisky bitch. Thanks to monsieur doyle, he pointed the way on some rather obscure pockety beta on whiskey bitch in getting set for the cross through. Worked unbelievably well and I realised the man could probably do every problem on that wall blindfolded. Might be interesting to set that challenge for next weeks edition of le orme.

Fireworkey stuff tonight as one might expect. Had intended to run through the park although established that will be nigh on impossible given the size of the crowds.

Attributing total lack of power due to my inability to campus at present ( a crucial exercise for lanks!)

Going to lay off the finger until next weekend and intend to do weights for both midweek training sessions.