Wednesday, 30 January 2008


So the BA school project went well. There were 6 people in my group of whom 3 were ultimately useless. They were happy to sit there and make lists of what needed doing, but it was me, Anil and Lisa who realised the scheme. I digress.

I, Anil and Lisa worked tirelessly on the project putting in long hours. We were rewarded with 2nd prize, which out of 40 other groups of 6, isn't bad considering. I did a decent elevation in Illustrator demonstrating the ramp/storage concept and it went down well in conjunction with the film and technical details we provided.

Owed some prize money too which is nice.

Anyway, after the weekend no climbing has yet gone down. Tonight is home campus/CoC session.

Enough - the prize winning elevation can be seen above. Just realised the people aren't quite to scale, but that's what happens when a bunch of slackers force you down to the last minute!

Monday, 28 January 2008

sort it

Si's birthday weekend was good. A social for me what with slicing finger on foamboard on fri night, but still a great laugh.
Will make a better post tomorrow but must stop drinking myself out of the bad times. It's 03:40 on a Tues morning. Sort it out idiot.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Work in progress

Don't normally feel the need to comment daily on things but...

Our BA project group is really good. Every single person is keen and so many great ideas have been suggested by all parties. Delegating work has been effortless and everyone seems to have their own individual strengths. I'm currently tracing a section of the Courtyard in Illustrator of the longtitudinal plane from an old artists drawing of the building. Need to incorporate the ramp system after we've worked out the structural elements and in theory it should look decent.

Tonight was supposed to be dispensary time but a rare late night yesterday threw me off the scent. Readjourning tomorrow instead. Super keen to get reinvolved with Rotherham Chickboys if conditions are good (i.e. no high levels of damp) and think it's time to formulate some new projects. There's also a power endurance session to come next week going through what Farnell tells me is about a F7bish full circuit. Pretty confident I can link a lot more moves than the last time I was down there.

Really keen to get involved with a trip at Easter but will depend on finances and whether ultimately university is an economically valid proposition still.

So looking forward to getting on the Big G Start. Pretty sure Mick has a project at Trowbarrow (the one I'm making him try-sitter to Texas Hold Em) which would swing us that way if he's egged on enough by my overenthusiastic rantings.

Monday, 21 January 2008

What's to come?

Today, after a jabbering brief from Prof Jackson, our group assembled under the group 7 header. There's 6 of us in our group and everyone seems to be getting on real well. We elected (as I thought would be the case) for the bicycle storage project. The Red Sofa project was a total non starter in all our eyes and we found it difficult to conceive how such a project with its imposed limitations (no paint changes, certain fixtures blah blah) could sustain interest in any person's eyes. Alas, there was a surprising number of groups keen for the sofa shit and it'll be interesting to see what comes of it.

Coming to the end of some conceptual work for tomorrow's all day installment. I'll be cutting it short tomorrow for a reunion with my dispensary filthies. God knows how my body will react to my old problems and projects. Hopefully they'll get shit on and not me after recent campus and CoC sessions.

It's now somewhat trite to talk about the weather and the lack of dry rock anywhere in the UK. I reckon certain sectors of Crag Y will be OK but I daren't take my chances in heading that way to find out. I'm happy anyway as it's forcing me to use my campus board and I really really need this right now for RA; talking of which I'm starting to fancy my chances on it a bit more having had a wet session repeatedly dogging the end section to get some redpoint power/stamina.

Over and out fool.

In the meantime, how would you use this dank and undesirably green space for something beyond storing bicycles (within a budget of £1200).


Sunday, 20 January 2008

General upkeep

In the spirit of the current reportage of each session:

Tonight has been general weights; bench, military press and curls. Enough to keep the opposing muscles in action.

Currently coming to the end of the workout on the 1.5 Captains and again so nearly closed it. The major difference from last session? Felt slightly more effortless to get towards closing it. From what I've heard, persist with it through the weeks and the number will go up (inevitably culminating in a plateau somewhere). Feeling better on pinches since this addition to workouts began. Trust me when I say I could barely pinch a can of beans off the deck!

This week is the BA school project throughout the entire faculty of Architecture. Seen my team list via email tonight and working with a bit of a mega goon from my year. Will be sound though as there's 4 other people from different years.

Shall report back tomorrow pm on our elected brief - bike shelter concept or red sofa project....

Friday, 18 January 2008

Been a while..

It's been a while since I've written anything here and for personal reasons don't feel I need to go into why I haven't. Those good friends in the know are aware and that's enough.

So, to pick up where I left off. I've revamped my home campus sessions in the spirit of periodisation and for the sake of pure variety.

Last night:

3 sets each arm: sets x 1,2,3,4,5 ladder.
3 sets each arm touches 1,3,2 x7
3 sets each arm lead 1,3,5 (went static to 5 for the first time locked off)
3 sets each arm lead 1,3,1 x 4

5 mins rest

Maximal attempts x 5 closing Captains of Crush 1.5 each hand then straight onto 15 leg raises. 5 min rest interval and the process repeated for a further 2 times.

Warmed down with some ligth powerball exercises.

Keeps things ticking over and working to major improvements in 08.

Today, a pulley assisted one arm deadhang session as suggested by Lore.

May head to Kyloe later with Andy, Mick Woody, Rich etc etc. Depends on uncle andy's verdict.