Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Gay Bar

Friends, I'm sorry I haven't spouted shit at you all in a few weeks. The lack of internet connection saga continues and I've had to devote and divide my time between some new ventures (which I'll keep you posted on).

OK, I suppose I ought to start with climbing spiel. It's been around one month since I last managed a trip outside and I'm itching to get on rock now. This has largely been due to increased work hours and an indoor training phase that just had to be done. This urge will be curbed this week as Sir Matthew Donnelly has a three week enforced vacation between jobs and the man is telling me he will be treating climbing "like a job". Evolution is firmly on his agenda and various stuff at the Tor is on mine. I anticipate big things from the team and hope to blog about them very soon.

I'm working hard with music production at the moment on a techno venture with 2 comrades. Access to the West Kirby studio can only serve to produce good things. I'll be sure to upload the fruits of this labour in good time and will have to upload some sets for you to all wrap your lobes around.

Friday night saw myself and Mr D head out to town on somewhat of a bender. After finding the Magnet as dead as could be, Matt persuaded me to go to gbar ( a "slamming techno gay bar"). I consented and we had an awesome night. Bizarrely, Kate Lawler of Big Brother shame was DJing and I was alarmed to find that she was dropping some decent tracks. She'll be opening for Hawtin soon I'm sure.

Nothing much else to blog beloved ones. The Euro final is about to commence and I'll have to have a think about blogging about something worthwhile some time soon.

Keep crushing crusaders.

In the meantime, if you don't know what a Pacemaker is, you should be ashamed of yourself and put yourself on the waiting list. Check it:

Friday, 13 June 2008

Recapitulaton time

Well, it's been a few days since Crouch and I arrived home and this is the first opportunity I've had to write here at the library as my home net connection is still down.

The trip to Italy was overwhelming beyond words; the people, the climbing, the food, the drink and the rest. It's perhaps best for now if you point yourself in the direction of Crouch's blog as he's in a position to upload the photo's on his home net connection. Now that I have all the footage compiled, I'm going to edit together a small video of some problems and gym footage.

I worry that Lore will tire of me now that I know I can get return flights from the top of my road practically to Pisa. In all seriousness though, I'm sure he got as much from the experience as we did.

I only have a few minutes left to cobble together something worthwhile here before my designated time allowance expires. And so I'd like breifly to touch upon something I've been thinking a lot about:


Not the gluteus maximus you understand, but the 'surf/climb/skatebum'.

It frustrates me greatly that athletes in the traditional sense are held in high esteem, yet the travelling surfer or climber is labelled a 'bum'. Perhaps it's a sense of envy that overcomes certain individuals within society? Perhaps it's the monotony of the traditional athelete's routine that they can relate their careers to; running 20 laps around a track with no discernable sensory differentiation on each occassion. There's no real envy in that is there?

But in seeing new environments outside the constraints of a stadium or arena, I'd be astounded to meet any individual who would consider this an unenviable experience.

I suppose for now, whilst university has been suspended and funding to continue with my degree is uncertain, I am a bum. I work what hours the wall can give me and I sit here in the library reading books on things I wouldn't normally even think about.

I have to make up my mind about university fast and I still don't know what to do or where to go. It's an exciting time that's for sure.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


There's a lot to say and not a lot of battery power.

In summary, I've found a climbing gym I'm finally psyched for (problematic as it's not in my home country) and have seen the two most incredible cities I've ever been to - Florence and Siena.

A proper update is due on Wednesday upon arrival back in the UK.

You all should get to Italy for so many reasons beyond climbing.

Ciao for now.