Monday, 20 October 2008

Richie Hawtin: A night of homming.

Friday night saw the extended posse hook up at the Warehouse Project, Piccadilly station to see Richie Hawtin and his Minus counterparts churn out the good stuff.

It really was a sublime evening and the choice of venue unique. I took plenty of pictures of all hommes and hommettes homming it to the maximum. As per my usual unfulfilled promise, I'll be sure to upload some of them soon.

The art of homming is a true skill to be learnt and a lengthy apprenticeship must be undertaken by any man wishing to appear homosexual in an entirely heterosexual way.
Fortunately, the posse comprised of some of homming's finest members and all killed it to Richie in the most respectful manner possible; sleeves rolled above the shoulder, fists a pumping and gyrating from start to end.

It was a great pleasure to see many women in attendance for a change thus making the event less of a fathers meet in a sausage shop.

The moral of the story? Women, please start coming to techno events more often.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


25 today. I love the number 25.

A certain friend has promised me big numbers this year. On account of his achievements in his 25th year, I'm psyched!

Got lots of stuff brewing at the moment job wise/uni wise but it's all pretty exciting. Been offered some paid work at a top architectural practice too which should help me cement a decision one way or the other.

Doing the parents flavour this morning and a lark lane hit this afternoon. Think I need to calm down about seeing Richie on Friday as was rightly pointed out to me via SMS last night!

Mutilate friends...

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Wow, I've had a layoff without even realising it; I last climbed 10 days ago. This is no bad thing as my body has been thanking me for the interlude. I've also managed to get a sinus infection on the back of a shitty virus but am hopeful that the doctor will dole out some antibiotics tomorrow as this headache is beyond chronic.

Not much to report other than I am beyond psyched for Richie on the 17th. Tickets have now sold out but all key hommes are in receipt of the neccessary piece of paper that will grant entry to the room of doom.

Have a ton of amusing photos from recent techno nights and will upload them when I can prise out this 3" CD from my slot drive.

Training resumes asap.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Phlegm gem

What a whiney effort that last post was. I apologise if you had to endure it.

Saturday at Circus was superb. I was however, distraught to hear Luciano wouldn't be playing as he is suffering badly from the flu and has had to stay home. Rather sweetly, a lengthy letter was sent on behalf of him from a member of staff at Cadenza stating how he was genuinely aggreived that he wouldn't be playing back to back with Loco Dice for 4 hours. As it turned out, this gave Loco 4 hours on his own to do his filthiest. After a bit of a slow start entering the building for Doylo (online ticketing for you), all hommes were reunited to the sound of that phat dope shit (sadly Loco never spun that classic, but if you don't know it, type in 'phat dope shit' into youtube and you can hear it).

So from the weekend I have developed a virus complete with phlegmy chest action. Not too bothered as it's clearing up pretty quick, but I would love to know how I seem unable to get a cold without it going on my chest. Any docs have the answer? I'm sure it'll be pneumonia I eventually perish from!

After that brief lull in climbing psyche the other week, I'm back in the game for full guru training action. I have some serious aspirations for the next climbing year and a surprise I've administered to myself. I want to do Walk on By. I can already hear a sea of punters tittering at my aspiration! I can't suppress my love of wall climbing and to me, that represents a good and beautiful challenge. What better man than Dolph Lundgren to have guide me through the motions.

For weekend techno action, there is the option to go see Phil Kiernan (a man who's played Cocoon a good few times) on Friday, but I sense a weekend free from techno hedonism might be in order. Especially given the tech-marathon that's to come on the 17th and 18th October.

Loose plan for that: Train it to Manchester with various other stallions. Kill it to Richie. Find somewhere in Mancs to retreat to and sleep for the next daytime and early evening. Train it to Liverpool for Mumu and kill it to Sebo K until the next day.

Next week I will panic severely for I hit my quarter century. I realise that I will realise that I "haven't yet done anything with my life". Of course this simply isn't true, but it seems an inevitable liklihood given that I'm sandwiched somewhere between a costly second undergraduate degree and a life of temping in menial office jobs.

To get a graduate job or to study? That is the question!