Thursday, 30 April 2009

Psyche, but on a leash.

You remember that feeling you used to get in primary school when the teacher asked a question and you were the only one who knew the answer and you knew that you were the only one that knew said answer? Well do you remember how frustrating it was as the teacher hushed you as she could see you bursting at the seams desperate to tell her how to spell 'crustacean'? I remember that moment in a spelling contest tie breaker. If it was not for being obsessed with marine biology and herpetology in my youth, I would not have known how to spell 'crustacean' and I would not have won the contest. That restrained excitement is excrutiating yet euphoric at that moment of denial isn't it? That's pretty much the closest analogy I can give to how I feel at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I adore architecture and I'm really enjoying the current domestic scheme for Brian Eno but it's hindering me somewhat in my climbing development.

I ventured to the wall tonight and set about session two on the beastmaker with Pemb. I'm a bit dismayed that I started to develop the beginnings of useful power for harder problems but seem to have lost much of it through the lack of psyche over the last few months due to uni work commitments. If I'm to be honest with myself, it wasn't just the university work responsible for the downturn but a lack of interest in slow progress. This is foolish and I've always set about concerning myself with activities which require gradual gains over long periods that require sustained commitment. So why did I lose interest? I think probably because of a desire to party and immerse myself further into the depths of the city's developing and flourishing techno scene. It's just been too hard to swerve away from seeing some of the best producers work their magic on my doorstep. There has to be balance however and my psyche has returned. Come end of semester on the 22nd May, it'll be time to get back to 4 times a week training. My ultimate goal is to tick my short route project; something that has what I know will be the single hardest move I will have to work for. I suppose it's very difficult repeatedly having to shun outdoor trips with the clan every weekend in favour of slaving over the drawing board. Consider this less of a moan and more of an expression of intent that I so badly NEED to reinvolve myself with the sport and get back out with you hommes. Thus for the next few weeks the psyche will be restrained by his leash and the inner beast will be tamed. Keep pulling friends.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Return to outside

Currently on easter 'vacation' (though it's no rest!) and managed to get out a few times within the last seven days to the South Lakes with the usual suspects. Lost a fair bit of gas in the tank but starting to feel a surge of motivation once again. This is particularly good news as it's never easy just 'ticking over' with a wall session a week here and there. Been good to see Crouch flying high on form and improving as much as ever. Also a sad reminder that I've shunned living the dream any longer with him! In all seriousness, the boy's motivation is infectious and I can tell he's keen for me to stop under achieving which spurrs me on somewhat. Right now I have a million drawings to do and a lot of exam material to revise so I'll keep it short and sweet. I've not forgotten about coughing my lobes out here and will try to mention anything of note to you holmes of mine amidst the maelstrom.

Keep improving...