Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Rave Mears

So, that concludes the end of year one Architecture. It should have been the end of year two save for a disastrous year of external mishaps last year. With hindsight, I think it's preferable to be in a greater position of recession proofness (a word?).
I wasn't so sure that two days of solid revision would see me through but I came to experience a position of what can only be described as mental weightlessness; that is to say, the textbooks had embedded themselves deep within my pyche and poured themselves out through my pen and into the exam book. Suffice to say, I'm hopeful that I've at least acquired the requisite 40% for entry to year two.

Now that the academic year is over, the summer job hunt and the hard training is on. I've gotten what post exam partying I needed out of my system and it's now time to turn back to a more wholesome path. I was a little bit puzzled today to read a thread on UKB that had mention of my esteemed Germanic friend Holger crushing my project. At first, I have to be honest and say that I was a little dissapointed that I'd worked hard in university all semester knowing that summer could be dedicated to training and trying to realise this as one of my personal goals. Ultimately though, I was psyched to hear that a fellow partner in crime had stepped up to the oche and crushed (as every good man and woman must). I saw this evening that John mentioned Holger thought it to be V5/6. This confused me a little as a) it's a route and b)I know I'm not the mighty Jonathon but I'd have made no progress since 4/5 years ago if it turned out to fall in this region! I can only assume it's something else that's been done and irrespective, it'll be nice to be back involved with it.

Only other thing of note is the motivation that seems to be welling up for our self-initiated entry for the Liverpool School of Architecture contribution for the 2010 biennale. I'm looking forward to what might come from the team and am very much motivated to have conceived of this independent of the university. The lack of collective impetus within the faculty for anything that isn't spoonfed is insufferable and it's a brilliant feeling to know that we might be snowballing something that might inform future years of LSA-Biennale involvement.

Just returned home from seeing Ray Mears' talk on the environment as part of a new free university lecture series. His enthusiasm for his subject knows no bounds and I was impressed (but not surprised) by his eloquence in addressing a public audience. Very much worth watching as a speaker should the opportunity be presented to you.

Here's a toast to training.

Friday, 22 May 2009

test image

Never seem to get round putting any images up but here's a condensed watercolour synopsis of my final concept which inspired the eventual design. Should hopefully be able to link to some renderings later...

It's hammer time

Today's the final test; how much have I absorbed in two days from across the course of a year's work? A lot I think but my propensity for seizing up in exam rooms is common. What would Gaskins do? Well, he'd probably take a moment to compose himself before opening the paper, say a quick prayer and then proceed forth in a spiritually wrapped cotton wool ball of confidence. If it's good enough for Johnny, it's good enough for me.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Last push

Blogging has been at a bit of a standstill of late owing to some consecutive late night uni sessions but I'm pleased to say my end of year assessment pin up is finally past and all that remains is two exams. I was pretty happy with the Eno house in the end and as long as I've not failed the studio module, I'm happy.

This week is the final push in revising for the exams. Should really keep my head down and stop bumbling about coffee shops like I'm some sort of flaneur. There's work to be done yet.

Been managing the odd beastmaker/wall session combo and managed a new best on the 45 degree slopers last week which was nice. I heard from Mick that apparently Jennings was sniffing around the Beastmaker HQ when Hession's board was being made and that it's possible that some angle exaggeration has occured to rich's board. Whether this is true or not I don't know, but all these tales of people doing doubles between them and the other holds has me at a loss. By all means, I acknowledge I'm far from the greatest climber but I can still deadhang pretty well. Now although I can hang them, I can't ever envisage being able to double from them to another set of holds and back. Either the ply board it's mounted on is warped or Jennings has had his way with the CNC settings and/or both or I really am destined to be this punter forever. In any case, I love that fingerboard.

So, by Friday the academic year is over and it'll be time to give myself a few precious days of mental recovery before the hunt for a full time summer job job starts. I've etched some time staying at Father Doyle's in the diary to slay some Orme beasts immediately after and I can't wait.

Last thing, I'd like to congratulate Crouch on his uber quick ascent of Monoblock once more. It's been amazing deriving inspiration from one of my very good climbing comrades. I recall a few years back we were both stood at the bottom somewhat aghast and not entirely able to spot too many holds. It seems there are indeed some holds and that little thing called belief (with a dedicated dressing and a motivated sauce) can send one upwards. Let's see what some dedicated time and early summer mornings can do...