Sunday, 30 August 2009

Like a child at Christmas

Rather tragically I've been feeling like a young boy the night before Christmas about going back to university at the end of September. It really can't come soon enough. I desperately miss design and the antagonistic atmosphere of the crit. Nothing quite beats the feeling of having done your technical homework and rubbing the face of a critic into the dirt. It's especially nice having served a summer of labouring at the sharp end to inform my working knowledge.

I spent the weekend with two friends helping one of them move into his new abode in Sheffield. Friday night was spent in the worst club I have ever been to and will ever go to. I'm having trouble trying to remember the name of said putrid place but it'll come to me soon enough in a nightmare. After an inadequate lie in, Paulo and I decided to call in to Burbage North for a reunion. Conditions obviously weren't primo but it was nice to be out on the edge and take in some fresh air. A short while later we headed to meet Jim at Burbage South. Everyone was feeling knackered from either work or an uber late night and so the team plan to set some new 8c's didn't unfurl exactly as we had hoped. We all still had a laugh and at least felt like we were climbing 8c in the physical and atmospheric conditions given to us. It's ordinarily against my personal ethics to climb on gritstone but it's time to change that mindset and get involved.

Felt suitably spurred on by a day out yesterday and after a mandatory viewing of L'Etranger neccessary to dig out some type 2 muscle fibres, I enjoyed a bar session at Paulo's. Just need a few weeks of power training to catch up with last month's finger strength gains and it'll soon be time to flex a crush once more. Going to rest tomorrow and train tuesday.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Made a pigs ear by overwriting some code so header isn't as it should be. Will fix it soon.


An enjoyable week past. Went to a whisky tasting and fine dining evening at a friend's parents abode last weekend and discovered the joyous Lagavulin. This was a nice way to bid farewell to frequent drinking and I think I'd much rather spend my money on a nice bottle here and there than continue to line the pockets of Liverpool's many unscrupulous bar owners.

The week in summary; had a few more sessions down at Devil's gorge, caught a 6lb Thornback Ray at New Brighton, mixed some new records and am compiling a reading list for the year ahead. Fishing's been a nice cheap rest activity of late and it's nice to know self-caught fish cost nothing to eat!

Given the page a bit of a revamp so I can link to anything worth checking out on youtube. Best I can do for now given I may as well be accessing the internet on an Acorn. Some content to follow in a few weeks when new computer arrives.

Big up to Crouch for dispatching Never Ending Story pt 2 last week. Have to head out to Swiss with you at Christmas and get involved!

The Ray.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I've had a pleasant past fortnight. As bad weather forced a lethargic state of affairs in the labouring department my leisure time increased. This was nothing short of amazing and I'm happy to be poor for a relative short term. I've managed a couple of gorge sessions and been given some compulsory reading to do for the design studio. Initially at the commencement of the summer vacation I didn't need any stimulus to motivate me into reading upon on the subject but as time away from the studio has passed, I'm actually thankful for being given some mental fibre.

I'm pleased to report that after a fortnight of no climbing my fingers felt stronger than ever late last week. I've become amazed at how a prolonged rest after a month cycle of committed finger boarding has permitted the tendons to up the ante. My back two feel solid on small crimps and my mono strength has gone through the roof over the past 6 months. I'm fully aware that the past 12 months have fluctuated dramatically in terms of commitment to training and climbing with short cycles of intense focus followed by short cycles of partying. I made the decision last week that the 15th August MuMu warehouse party would be the last for a good while. I stand by this and have begun to think deeply about how the next 3 months of training will be tailored to some specific goals. As of today my diet has seen some drastic alterations; I'm at heart a healthy eater but must make some drastic omissions - that of beer and trans fats. I won't miss either in the least and have exhausted my interests in both over the summer months. In all fairness in fact, I eat hardly any fat but would still like to cut out the bad stuff and offer only goodness to my arteries.

I think one of the major problems with me gaining any specific focus with climbing over the past few months has been my time spent back on the Wirral peninsula. Very very few of my friends have remained here and so most of my days have been spent commuting to Liverpool and dossing at friends houses. Those spent at home have involved prolonged sessions of watching Fashion TV drinking various worldly coffees and listening to around 8 hours of new techno a day. It's a good combination but eventually the mind has come to crave substance.

The past five days have yielded some wonderful news for me. Since I am now 25, the levels of funding for university for which I am eligible have gone through the roof. Ambiguities about being able to afford the course have drifted into the void and I'm thankful at my persistence and belief that all would come good once I had passed through the first year of study. A chance call to the university funding department with regards to the level of one of my bursary's confirmed that as I am now assessed upon my own financial means, I will automatically receive the maximum amount of support unlike last year. It's been a struggle to subsist off very little but the goal posts move closer.

I sound like a scumbag but I can assure you I'm not. Time to achieve.

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Since I started labouring a few months back I've not really been able to train properly despite my best intentions. Have been partying a lot when not working but this is no bad thing. I hadn't climbed at the wall or indeed any wall in over two weeks but yesterday managed a new personal best on the beastmaker managing to deadhang the smallest pockets on my back two for 6 seconds. What surprised and shocked me was that a month or two ago when I was hitting the fingerboard hard I couldn't really get close to pulling on yet all of a sudden could do this comfortably for a decent amount of time. I find it hard to explain how incessant partying and labouring can have helped me remotely to do this.

Jim called at alpine o'clock this morning (OK 11.15) and despite feeling the dregs of a late night sesh has somehow persuaded me to head Wales bound with the fonz. Be nice to get out eh.

Nothing to report at the moment really other than some welling psyche for the next warehouse party with Sebo K and And.Id a week on saturday. One time.