Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin

Since the last time of writing, much and very little has happened. I'm not even sure what did but suffice to say something of significance might have happened.

Climbing motivation is pretty high at the moment. The month past has been spent on the odd occassion fingerboarding in between doing a lot of work for university assessments. After a pretty epic all night stint in studio two days ago, all of my work is now pinned up for marking and the only remaining thing that I'm working for is a slide recognition test on friday. From here it's straight on a train to meet the mule and slam it down to Bristol to party. I'm fuelled.

I'm in training for the project and know it's just a question of time before I acquire the specific micro gains to send it since discovering a great bit of micro beta before the snow came. Fully ready for a training season as of friday and looking forward to being back at the crags.

Hope yall are good now.