Saturday, 12 June 2010


Went back to project Thursday evening and pulled down. Nice to be getting moving on rock again and also feel pretty light from running. There's been a fair bit of muscular deterioration but I think this is bizzarely desirable. I've noticed over the years that when I'm training a lot with campussing/weights/board climbing, although I might be a lot more powerful than I currently am, I can also lack that sensation I had around the cusp of puberty where I weighed very little and was mostly tendons with some body. I think after some recent examples I've seen, it's possible to get back to this and I know I climb much better for being this type of build. With this in mind, I've altered my training strategy for the project to continue running a lot as well as keeping a close eye on my diet. I figure plenty of hours deadhanging alongside this is just the ticket to success.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

What has been and what is to come

The past three months are something of a blur. I've spent much of it sat in various rooms drawing, modelling and whatever else has been demanded of me. The marks haven't come in yet for the year but hopefully they're not too shoddy. I think I let myself down a bit in the final scheme by missing a crucial drawing but I'm just glad to be out of second year and moving on to third year.

In summary of climbing, I've not really done any but have when time has allowed crushed the fingerboard doing power pulls and hangs. I'm really out of practice but am now at least endowed with four months to train for my project. I've been running a lot which has altered my body shape quite drastically and I'd say I'm a lot less bulkier than normal which is good.

Today is day one back on it so time will tell. Godspeed yall.