Sunday, 12 February 2012


The last five months have been a big motivational struggle. After training hard since the start of last summer, I thought I had my project finally satched up. Alas these two middle finger A2 strains took a long time to heal and upon a two month rehabilitation spree with a zero crimping ban I ended up back at square one which forced me to lay off completely from climbing and work solely on the pullup bar.

The pain didn't seem to be the usual sort of that of scar tissue and I didn't want these strains to flare up again. I'd been making good progress with healing and some good progress on the bar before I acquired a horrendous foot infection that resulted in my inability to walk for the best part of a week. Some stupid triage nurse tried to fob me away from my admittance to A&E but my insistence to speak to a consultant proved correct and they were glad that I'd come at that time. Doubtless I would have needed IV antibiotics had I have not insisted upon seeing the doctor.

I'm about to begin normal service this week and I'm looking forward to my first proper half-crimp in five months. I'm also looking forward to Lore's imminent visit and getting him some good ticks as he's unleashed upon our hallowed crags. Get yourself over pronto champ!