Sunday, 7 October 2012

Which way to The Chevin?

Finally! After twelve months spent commuting on public transport to Denton from Liverpool, it's over! I'm absolutely elated to be finished with my first year in practice and similarly enthralled to have gained so much experience. It's been a very steep learning curve on so many fronts and I've certainly had a big insight into the profession. Naturally, there have been highs and lows and as ever in architectural design, the highs seem to be very high and the lows very low. On many occasions I was in positions of great responsibility where I had perhaps not even realised it. In the early months when everything was slightly intimidating and all very new, it was probably for the best that I didn't realise it. More recently, I've had a few idle moments of realisation of just how much more I am capable of doing than I had been initially. To be able to go to site and converse with some degree of fluency in what needs to be done is something I derive great satisfaction from and it's precisely such feelings that always keep me moving forward with what seems like a life sentence of an education (seven years already and three to four to go!). I must admit, it's been rather dismaying feel my body take a predominantly downward spiral in terms of fitness but despite this insane commute, I have managed to train as hard as I possibly can given such little respite. I'm pleased about this and my love for climbing couldn't be any greater. Now that the year in practice is over, I'm moving to Leeds to live with my girlfriend which is a pretty exciting step to take. Over the course of the next ten months the plan is to source any form of employment and to enter a number of international architecture competitions in conjunction with some young architect friends with the aim of developing the portfolio. I'd actually love to do some more wall work and setting ideally but will need to take whatever might be going. As much as I haven't ever gelled with gritstone, it'll be amazing to be so close to Caley and Almscliffe and to really give it a go. If you see some weak skanky punter flapping about, please do free to come over and show him the error of his ways. You wouldn't mind a few tips would you Crouchie? ; )