Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Turned 30 last weekend. My madame organised me an amazing Alan Partridge-themed surprise party whereby all concerned were clad in full size masks. I'd just woken up after a nap and entered a room thinking a pint was on the cards before dinner. Low and behold... "A HAAAAAA!!". Spectacular fun ensued through the night and I was pleased to be the last man standing (sort of). Hitting the big 3-0 is seemingly a big worry for many people but I've come to be way more comfortable with the advancement and replenishment of cells in line with an arbitrarily devised unit keeping system over these past few years. Ultimately, if my crimp on the acid test rung feels good, then I feel good; I don't need a bio marker and socially stigmatised number to represent anything remotely about my person. Despite only really being free from the shackles of the academic institution for the first time in thirty years as of this year, I'm happy with how climbing is coming back into touch. My understanding of the micro intricacies of board climbing feels sufficiently developed and all of the timing elements that board climber par excellence - Mr Keith Bradbury - used to tell me on those board sessions early in the formative days of our friendship now all make sense. Presently, my fingers feel good but my core feels like a sodden bath sponge in comparison. Tres interessant! I'm looking forward to passing my sodding driving test at long last and getting involved with some Gaskinsesque dawn raids prior to work over the coming months. I miss writing and have done all year but alas the daily development of my business has occupied any time outside of training. The grand plan is of course to go full time with the business in due course and be answerable only to myself (also allowing greater flexibility to my climbing and life schedule). A poor summary but the keyboard is dusted off hopefully to log a good climbing year ahead...

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